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New Mammogram Recommendations

by Benjamin G. Newman, MD

Publish date: Wed, Nov 18th, 2009

PLEASE do not take the new recommendations that most women start breast screening at 50 rather than 40 seriously. These recommendations are NOT based on science, but rather on economics. Welcome to the rationing of medical care in America.

What is the rationale for urging women to cease monthly breast self-examinations? As a practicing physician of over 40 years, I can tell you with certainty, that more women have come to me with concerns about breast lumps that they discovered during self-examinations at a much greater frequency than I found during routine examinations. I can't imagine any physician hasn't had the same experiences I have had. In other words, what harm is there if you continue self-examinations as well as being examined by your physician? It is only common sense that if there is a potential benefit to self-examination without any harm, why not continue? The scientific bureaucrats in Washington are really not interested in your health, but rather the bottom line. So ladies, continue to practice self-examinations, and continue to have your doctor examine you just like you have been doing. It really does make a positive difference, and it could save your life.