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Our Office

The Village Doctor in Winter Harbor, Maine

Our relaxed office atmosphere

Welcome! When you arrive for your appointment, you will notice that there will be few, if any, patients in the waiting room. You will not be kept waiting or haveĀ a feeling of being rushed during your visit.

Dr. Newman will meet with you in his consultation room, which is more like a comfortable, private living room. A typical visit involves a thorough discussion of your medical history, review of current conditions, and discussion of preventive measures. You can expect your appointment to last between thirty and sixty minutes. Because Dr. Newman typically sees less than 15 patients a day, he will be able to take his time with you.

The Village Doctor's patient-centered focus allows you to work as a team in improving your health. Your state of health will be addressed as a whole, rather than treating each health problem individually.

Though you will find the office to have a home-like atmosphere, our office has state-of-the-art medical equipment, and Dr. Newman can perform many procedures in his treatment room.

Your visit will end with a mutually agreed upon treatment plan and a follow-up appointment will be offered, if necessary. For many patients, a follow-up appointment can be conducted as an Internet consultation, rather than an office visit. This option offers you a way to save both time and money.

Your health history and other medical records will become part of a confidential electronic records system, which means your data will be accurate and secure. Dr. Newman, as well as other healthcare providers who may treat you in the future can easily access your information. The system flags such issues as potential prescription drug interactions and preventive tests that are over-due. PatientsĀ can receive a copy of their medical records on a thumb drive if they chose.

The Village Doctor makes house calls in the local area when medically necessary.